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Clients often ask, “Does Custom Hearing Protection Work?”

We’re here to say yes.

Currently we offer and recommend two types for Industrial Custom Hearing Protection.

The Solid Custom Hearing Plugs provide the best protection for industrial noise. They offer the greatest protection across all frequencies. From low bass to the screeching high whistle sounds. At present we RECOMMEND everyone wear SOLID protection. You can still hear with Solid plug, but it provides the best protection.


We also offer the same Custom Hearing Plug with a “Filter” installed. The filter allows for a greater amount of conversation frequencies to come through the protection, however it still provides great upper frequency protection. Typically we only offer this product to managers and administrators who may need to access a busy work area to communicate with their staff. This will increase the risk of exposure to lower frequency harm if worn for extended periods of time in a loud atmosphere.

Frequently, in extremely loud situations, individuals may require DUAL protection. Commonly that is a Custom Hearing Protection with Muffs as well.

A Sound Map or Personal Noise Dosimetry can help guide an employer to determine what level of protection individuals require.