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Historically we have found that when small occupational health providers close, their clients health programs are lost in the shuffle and cannot be located again.
It is legislated by the Province of Alberta (Alberta Health Information Act, AHIA) that your companies health records be stored so they can be accessed to help manage an employee’s health. Recently there has been a number of incidents where a small testing group closes and they have reached out to our group to take on the document and program management.

At THM/ VIP, our data goes back to the 1960’s. Along with our testing services, we provide a safe, secure management of both digital and hard copy files.

If you can’t reach your previous provider, your are at risk of having to start your programs all over. Start your search by contacting us. Let us help guide you through the process to ensure your health programs are compliant and your information SECURE !!

This is a difficult time in Alberta, but not the only downturn this strong province has faced and emerged stronger!